Rifle Hunting

Walk and stalk is most common practice when hunting with Liam Urry Safaris and is the preferred choice of hunting style. Due to the size of the areas we hunt, you will spend time on our fully equipped hunting vehicle where larger areas can be covered before setting up for a stalk on your potential animal

Due to the large biodiversity and terrain, shots will vary from 50yds or less when hunting dangerous game in thick cover to upwards of 250 to 300yds.

Long range hunting is available and the rocky outcrops are the perfect setup and elevation for the long shot.

For most Plains Game safaris we suggest calibers of 270 or above. We recommend bringing the caliber you are most comfortable with and often make use of at home your favourite deer rifle is often the perfect choice.

African game is well known for its thick hides and heavy set bone structure that has often been the demise of many hunters. Ensure your ammunition of choice is not too soft or brittle to ensure a clean harvest.

Most shots will be taken from shooting sticks and we would recommend you practice shooting from stick before your safari.

Our beautiful
Hunting Lodge

Our attentive, yet discreet service ensures your bespoke hunting adventure. The rustic comfort of our accommodation will serve as a welcome respite after an adrenaline-charged day in the veld.