Bow Hunting

Bow hunting is done both over water from one of our six permanent blinds or via walk and stalk.

Due to the lack of rainfall in winter months the use of blinds over water is the most successful when bow hunting.

We recommend that you practice shooting from both seated, kneeling and standing positions which will certainly assist you when hunting from either blind or walk and stalk.

Ensure you have the correct bow set up for African game, we advise on fixed blades or tried and tested mechanical broadheads. Ensure you bring enough arrows and broadheads as they may break or get damaged when hunting.

African game vitals are set very far forward protected by the shoulder and first ribs. Listen to your professional hunter, they will guide you on the best shot placement.

Before your safari, we recommend that you practice shots up to 50yds to ensure you are confident when the time comes for a well-placed arrow.

Please bring along your own range finder.

Our beautiful
Hunting Lodge

Our attentive, yet discreet service ensures your bespoke hunting adventure. The rustic comfort of our accommodation will serve as a welcome respite after an adrenaline-charged day in the veld.