Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather like in South Africa?

Hunting predominantly takes place between May and September, which are the Autumn and Winter months in South Africa. Most days will be made up of cold mornings of 35-45 degrees, warming up to mid 60s by midday and returning to the 30/40s in the evenings. We suggest multiple layers that can be removed throughout the day as the temperature rises.

Where do I get travel insurance?

Travel insurance can be arranged with your travel agent. Ensure that they know you will be taking a hunting safari. SCI and DSC also have suggested rescue and insurance providers.

How much kit / clothing do we need to bring?

A complimentary laundry service is available every day, so we suggest two or three sets of hunting kit and two sets of comfortable clothing to be worn in the evenings in and around the lodge.

Are rifle permits necessary and where do I get one?

Rifle permits will be required in order to get your rifle into South Africa. We highly recommend the service of Hunters Support to assist you in all the import requirements. www.hunterssupport.com

What rifle caliber should I bring with me?

We always suggest the caliber you shoot the most often and confidently. 270 to 30 caliber’s are preferred for Plains Game species. A legal minimum caliber of 375 will be needed for dangerous game such and buffalo, rhino or elephant.

Do you have a dedicated taxidermy that I can use?

We highly recommend the service of Splitting Image Taxidermy. A taxidermy with over 20 years’ experience in the industry will ensure your trophies are collected from the ranch and in safe hands. Click the link below for more information. www.splittingimagetaxidermy.co.za

From how far will shots be taken?

Average shots will be between 100 and 200yds with the odd longer shot if required. Most shots will be taken from shooting sticks or natural rests that may present. We suggest practicing shooting off tripod sticks as well as from a lying down and seated position prior to your safari.

What is the process involved for tipping of PH and staff?

Your PH can assist and guide you on what is common practice. In the end this should represent your level of satisfaction from you safari.

How do I get my trophies home after my hunt?

All skinning, field prep and salting will be completed on the ranch to ensure skins are in the best condition possible. We highly recommend the service of www.splittingimagetaxidermy.co.za to have your trophies mounted in South Africa and export home. This is by far the most time and cost effective process. Click on the link for more details.

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